Year-End Tax Quiz...30 Seconds Could Save You Millions

Tate Johnson
2014-11-14 16:25:00

Taking this 30 second quiz could translate into millions of dollars in savings for you.


#1  Will you have taxable income for 2014?

#2  Do you have any fees payable to you before year-end?

If your answer is YES to both questions, move on to #3. 

If your answer is NO to either question, STOP.  We can talk early next year.

#3  Do you enjoy sending upwards of 50% of your hard-earned fees to the government? 

 If your answer is NO, move on to #4. 

If your answer is YES, you can STOP.   I don’t have words.  

#4  Would you like to invest your fees on a pre-tax basis, defer your tax obligation into the future, and have the option of borrowing up to 95% of your deferred fees at 2.5% fixed?

If your answer is YES, we should talk soon.  It could mean millions to you.  

If your answer is NO, again, I don’t have words.  

Check out our new website – we think it’s pretty cool.  You can see what all of your colleagues are talking about, and how we can save you millions too!

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