The correlation between capital and caseload

B.J Etscheid
2015-04-13 14:20:00

Opportunity, talent, and time: three of the most important factors that drive the financial return on any mass tort.

You identified TVM as a big opportunity, applied your time and talents to acquiring and navigating the cases and the return has proven to be substantial.

But what kept you from securing an even bigger share of the settlement? If you're like many mass tort attorneys it was the fourth factor: access to capital. Without money to invest in growing your case share, your advertising was limited and the claimants went elsewhere.

Until recently, the mass tort attorney (or really, any personal injury attorney for that matter) was damned to the slow, “invest, win, pay tax, repeat” process of building capital. If unable to borrow, the capacity to capitalize on opportunities like TVM is limited to the available cash on hand.

So how can you interrupt this cycle?

Solutions from forward-thinking financial consultants can help attorneys accumulate the capital they need more quickly. The objective is to get your practice on the “invest, win, repeat” track by deferring the payment of taxes and accessing capital through low interest loans. It all starts with strategic planning before receiving your TVM fees.


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