Taxes on Your Fees Are Not Shut Down!

B.J Etscheid
2013-10-08 10:14:00

NorthView_ARCHIVE_WEB_COLOR_It's been a while since I've written one of my blogs......I'm back! Unlike some other people we know...I (my blog) will not be "Shut down" anymore. Alright...that's the last "Shut down" joke.

Instead of a "salesy" blog this time (YOU KNOW WHAT WE DO), I thought I would give you a quick Brook Hollow update.

There's been a lot going on in our world the past few months. We have been swamped working on BP fees and getting ready for our Brook Hollow Capital Hip program. Make sure to ask us about it.

Next week (10/17) we are hosting a fundraiser for our new friend Senator Brian Schatz from Hawaii. I met him at AAJ this summer and introduced him around. He's coming in to Chicago for the first time and we're expecting a great crowd. We feel it's of the utmost importance to support "our friends". It should be a great time.

In the next couple of weeks....our long awaited issue #3 of the Brook Hollow Magazine will be mailed out. We're very excited at the content this issue. Some of the highlights include:

- Interview with Joe Rice - I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Joe and asking him about topics like BP, the future of Mass Torts, Financing, and the passing of his great friend and attorney legend Ron Motley.

- Mass Tort Roundtable - Questions like....What's going to be hot in 2014....biggest issues facing Mass Torts in next year....financing issues in your practice....Is the MDL system broken?....Check out the answers from Pete Flowers, Richard Arsenault, Justin Witkin, Joe Rice, Tor Hoerman, and Mike Angelides.

- How to refinance your practice - This is a great article written by our "spreadsheet master" that many of you know, Joe Pupel. I can't stress enough how important this article can be for your practice. Read it!

Make sure to request a copy of issue #3 if you don't get one by the end of the month. Like I said....we are very proud!

As always...let me know if you have any questions and I'll talk to you soon.

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