Get Off the Hamster Wheel of High Cost Debt

Tate Johnson
2015-05-12 13:52:00

When opportunities like TVM come around, accessing capital that isn’t yours comes at a high cost. It’s unlikely to come from the bank with a reasonable 6% interest rate. To increase the share of settlements like TVM, loans from an alternative financier who charges an average of 20% per year is often a firm’s only choice.


Mass tort attorneys are all too familiar with what can go wrong in these scenarios. Profits can be obliterated when fees turn out to be less than expected, you’re unable to make the interest payments out of pocket and need to finance them, or the litigation drags on for a year longer than anticipated.

Brook Hollow clients know that it doesn’t have to be this way. By working with Brook Hollow, you can use up to 97% of your pre-tax TVM fees to refinance your high cost debt from 20% to 2.25%. This allows you to:

  1. Pay down your debt twice as fast, which significantly reduces the interest costs that are wiping out your profits; and
  2. Get back to building capital which benefits you twice as fast.

If you want the basics of what Brook Hollow offers, check out this 2 minute video... It will explain exactly why so many of your colleagues are talking to us right now.   

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