Depuy ASR Payouts Update and Law Firm Finance Conference

B.J Etscheid
2014-03-25 07:06:00

LaSalle_2010_WEB_color_1000_I wanted to give everyone an update on our 1st annual Law Firm Financial Conference and what we've been doing to get ready for the upcoming Depuy ASR payouts.

As you may already know....Brook Hollow is hosting it's first ever conference in Miami Beach on April 3rd. We are very excited to offer this event at no charge. Free Registration. Many important law firm specific issues will be covered in this half-day event, including;

  • Managing CASE COSTS more efficiently
  • Funding your practice with PRE-TAX dollars
  • Preparing for the financial impact of settlement delays
  • Becoming your own bank
  • Analyzing the economics of new litigation opportunities

If you can't make it, you should strongly consider sending another partner or your finance guy in your place.

Here is the link to the conference registration.... BrookHollowConference

For Depuy ASR.....we are busy setting up individual law firm QSF's (Qualified Settlement Funds or 468B's). Once these are set up, it will be easy to have your settlement monies paid into your QSF and use Brook Hollow for your fees. We have over 20 set up already and are setting up new ones weekly. It's very easy for us to do. As a reminder....we can offer as much as 90% of your fee upfront and you access to almost double your money. Please contact us early. Don't wait until the last minute!

As always, please call or email with any questions.

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