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Attorney Fee Deferral with Flexible Investment and Line of Credit Options

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Defer Your Contingent Fee Income

Do you anticipate a tax bill this year?  You may want to consider deferring a portion of your income as part of an overall tax planning and cash management strategy.


Line of Credit

Looking to grow your practice, pay down debt, or cover overhead?  Our line of credit, with rates fixed under 3%, may well be the key piece to your financial puzzle.


"I have worked closely with B.J. and the rest of the Brook Hollow team and they have provided some fantastic opportunities for our clients and our law firm. There are very few companies in this field who work with you when it comes down to the settlement distribution and options to fit your needs." - Hunter J. Shkolnik - | Read more about Hunter in Vanity Fair

"Brook Hollow has been at the forefront of innovative solutions for attorney capital needs and financial planning for many years. For a mass tort firm, revenue generation follows a feast or famine cycle. Expenses, however, remain a constant. As a result, forward thinking financial planning and access to capital are a necessity – not merely a creative afterthought – to long term success. Brook Hollow has been a wonderful partner in helping to secure long term success for our firm." - Justin Witkin - | AWKO Law

"Historically, my firm could either see half of its income go straight to Uncle Sam or it could defer income in a relatively low-yield annuity. Thankfully, I met the Brook Hollow team who provided me with creative solutions that went above and beyond simply meeting short-term capital needs. Their ability to help attorneys achieve long-term economic success through unique financial planning and access to low-interest funding has been a game changer for me. My only regret is that I did not meet them sooner.” - Benjamin Anderson - | Anderson Law Offices LLC

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